High temperature indicator monitoring just became as simple as applying a plaster.VTI disc

Visual Temperature Indicator

See a high temperature instantly

Temperature Indicator

High-temperature health monitoring just became as simple as applying a plaster.

VTI disc

Visual Temperature Indicator

See a high temperature instantly

Learn more about the VTi disc and how

our wearable temperature indicator works.

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Simple and easy to use

1. Apply plaster to clean, dry skin and gently press flat
2. Place on, or around, temple region of head
3. Visually observe throughout the day or night
4. Application can last for days
5. Look out for one another

Our wearable temperature indicator uses smart thermal gauge technology

Quick and easy to apply to others or yourself and safe to use.

Early Intervention

Early intervention is key when it comes to deteriorating health and the VTi reacts immediately to changing body temperature.

Observe & Respond

The VTi awards real-time ability for the wearer, or observers, to respond immediately and ensure the right support is delivered efficiently.

Visual Temperature Technology

The VTi technology and function helps you stay ahead of changing body temperature and that can make all the difference.

Who is using Visible Temperature Indicator plasters?

Important Notice: Photographs used on this website are for illustration purpose only. The VTi is an additional layer of protection not an alternative to the mandatory guidelines set around face coverings and PPE requirements in specific settings. Always check requirements.
Slide 1
See temperatue change as it happens
Early intervention is key when it comes to deteriorating health and the VTi reacts immediately to changing body temperature.
The VTi is so easy to use, patients and healthcare professionals can reassure each other with clear indication of their body temperature health.
Slide 2
The VTi helping us get back to business
The VTi offers continuous, reliable temperature health monitoring for any business wanting to protect their staff and clients cost-effectively.
These are difficult times for everybody and businesses alike. The VTi allows us all to look out for each other with one simple application.
Slide 3
The VTi makes all high temperatures visible regardless of illness
In the health and social care sector the VTi has had a profound effect on monitoring and detecting changing body temperature on not only our loved ones but aslo our remarkable key workers.
The VTi means we can all look out for each other and that is what a caring community is all about.

Wearable temperature indicator continuously monitors your body temperature health



37ºC indicates a normal body temperature range. No assistance required.

If body temperature exceeds 37.5°C / 99.6°F the VTi will begin to change to red; it will change back to green if the wearers temperature returns to normal.


Indicates a high temperature. Take immediate action and secondary health checks.

The VTi disc is a proven and cost-effective method of continuously monitoring body temperature health by simply changing colour.

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    Early indication of increased body temperature can help prevent the spread of illness…

    … It also means you can get the right treatment, faster. A high temperature is a common symptom for many underlying health conditions and one of the body’s primary indicators that something is out of the ordinary.

    The Visual Temperature Indicator (VTi) is a wearable thermoreactive technology which offers non-contact, accurate and continuous temperature health monitoring for everyone. The VTi helps families, businesses, institutions and healthcare settings provide an added layer of protection in a simple and cost-effective way.