Temperature Indicator. How it works

See a high temperature Instantly. When a person’s temperature reaches or exceeds 37.5°C / 99.6°F the visual temperature indicator will begin to change to red; it will then change back to green when the wearer’s temperature returns to a normal range.

Safe and efficient

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Temperature Indicator. It speaks in every language.

Green indicates normal temperature range and red indicates a high temperature. When a persons temperature reaches or exceeds 37.5˚C / 99.6˚F the VTi will begin to change to red. It will change back to green if the wearers temperature returns to a normal range.

  • Good – Normal Temperature 37˚C / 98.6˚F
  • Warning – Assistance Required 37.5˚C / 99.5˚F
  • Alert – High Temperature 38˚C / 101.4˚F

Temperature Indicator. How does it work?

The VTi uses Reversible Microencapsulated Thermoreactive technology which starts to become transparent around 37.5°C / 98.6°F.

Normal Temperatue

The thermoreactive green cross is thicker and covers the red when a wearer’s temperature is normal.

High Temperatue

When a temperature rises above 37.5°C, the thermoreactive reaction begins to take place and reveals the red cross indicating an elevated temperature.

Returns to Normal Temperature

The thermoreactive green cross is thicker and covers the red when a wearer’s temperature is normal.

Does it work ?

Yes, the VTi has been trialed across different social care, hairdressing and food production settings. It works effectively and accurately, it has indicated temperature change on clients, staff members and people receiving specialist care. The VTi is an additional layer of protection that allows companies and individuals to react immediately, ensuring real time support and safeguarding can be implemented in the best interests of everyone.

Visual temperature indicator is perfect for school children
thermometer alternative thats great for use in care homes
VTI can be used in various industries
Doctors use Visual Temperature Indicator patches
Nurses benefit from temperature indication discs
In addition, the VTi underwent independent testing internationally and in the U.K. Test reports can be made available by writing to VTi Limited with your request.