How Dylan’s Temperature is monitored with the VTi plaster

by Oct 14, 2020

No one can make Dylan better, no diagnosis will cure him, so his care is managed day by day.

Dylans Story

Dylan’s story is about a brave young boy who has been fighting a rare undiagnosed syndrome. This means he has several health complications leading to him having a life-threatening, life limiting condition. Dylan’s condition means that he has the mind and body of a baby, yet doctors are simply unable to diagnose him.

Dylan has spent his life in and out of hospital. Over 40 health professionals have delivered treatment to him for a long list of health complications including organs which are mirrored on the opposite side of his body, daily Apnoea attacks which cause him to stop breathing, Seizures, Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and he is Immune Suppressed amongst other things.

Dylan suffers from a condition which has come to be known as SWAN (Syndrome Without A Name).  It is a genetic condition that is so rare, it’s impossible to diagnose, and remains unidentified. He is a complex puzzle to all who care for him. Dylan faces a life of constant pain, yet he continues to defy and baffle all on a daily basis.

As Dylan gets older, his complications are getting worse and with fluctuating temperatures in response to his health challenges, the VTi has helped Dylan’s family monitor this aspect of his condition. His mum Danielle told us that seeing immediately when his temperature rises, means that they instantly know when he needs additional support.

Dylan’s life has been one of endurance and exceptional courage. We know that the VTi only plays a small part, but anything that can help keep this remarkable boy safe and offer help and support to such a strong family is all we can hope to achieve.

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