Temperature Indicator Patches – Radio Tees Interview

by Jan 19, 2021

Temperature Indicator Patches are a resounding success Following a trail at a Hartlepool Care Home. 

Following a successful trail of Visual Indicator Patches, at a Hartlepool care home, Mr John Hill, Director of VTi Care, talks to Neil Green on Radio Tees and explains why the VTi plaster had such a positive effect on both staff and residents.

Mr Hill says, In the health and social care sector the VTi plaster has had a profound effect on monitoring and detecting changing body temperature on not only our loved ones but also our remarkable key workers. Staff feel better protected and this technology allows those who are most vulnerable and, do not have the capacity to ask for help, to be safeguarded. By wearing a Temperature Indicator Patch these people receive a valuable layer of extra protection against Covid-19 and other health-related issues which may cause your body temperature to rise.

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