Wearing Visual Temperature Indicator transforms the way people live their lives.

by Oct 21, 2020

VTi plasters give Fi the confidence and reassurance she needs to be able to welcome others into her home during these difficult times.

VTi plasters continually monitor body temperature, helping us to look out for one another in our communities.

The checking of a person’s temperature is one of the most important indicators in assessing anyone’s underlying health, whether that be at home, work, or out in the wider community. However, being able to check your body temperature continuously in many daily situations is neither feasible nor practical.

This is where wearing Visual Temperature Indicator Plasters makes a big difference. The innovative, self-adhesive disc is placed on the forehead where it can be clearly seen. Immediate and continuous it changes colour from green to red to indicate a raised temperature, allowing individuals to react swiftly.

Janet suffers from multiple sclerosis, daily temperature monitoring can be complicated. She feels that VTi has made a big difference in managing her illness.

In a complex world, it’s the little things that bring us back together

Wearing a Temperature Indicator plaster you can respect social distancing at all times.  And, it can be worn by anyone, anywhere, having a positive impact on the way we live our lives during these challenging times. Particularly by those who are vulnerable and feeling isolated or individuals who wish to reassure others that they are well.  Safe, effective, and affordable VTi supports communities and enables people to look out for each other wherever they may be.

The Visual Temperature Indicator makes continuous health monitoring as simple as applying a plaster.

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