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A single pouch containing 10 VTi discs. Perfect for home use and a must for the medicine cabinet. The 10 disc pouch can travel anywhere with you and ensure that a VTi is always within easy reach.

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Product Description

Wearable thermoreactive heat sensitive fabric disc. Hypoallergenic adhesive, certified non-woven fabric. Disposable, Single use. A continuous body temperature range indicator.

A VTi will continuously monitor temperature health when traditional equipment is not in use. The thermoreactive green symbol becomes transparent at the reaction temperature, revealing the red symbol. The green thermoreactive symbol returns if the temperature falls back below reaction point.

Additional Information

Pending: GB2009607, Copyright Laws apply.

Reaction Temperature
On body temperature of 37.5°C / 98.6°F or above.

Within a similar margin to traditional equipment, +/- 0.6°C or +/- 1.0°F

14 reviews for VTi Sample Pack and Product Information

  1. Caroline Smith

    Very useful product. I always keep them handy when clients are visiting our office.

  2. Jane Marsh

    what a clever idea will let you know how we get on.

  3. Sandy Hart

    these are great. how good are these

  4. M Robson

    Been using in our care home cant tell you helpful they are..

  5. Mary Chandler

    Have a sick nan and has high temperatures all the time. They work well have been checking with thermometer to double check

  6. Jenny Collins

    wow they work

  7. Will

    So simple and effective, would highly recommend. A must have for the first aid bag

  8. Mandy

    have new baby and how easy it is to keep eye out xxx

  9. C Davies

    got some for mum in a home just need to see how i get them to her now

  10. tammy

    worked on coffee cup!

  11. Mrs Hammond

    arrived fast and kids love them, such a brilliant idea

  12. Tom

    these should be used in care homes!

  13. Mel Jones

    ordered some for the lady i care for. these are going to be so helpful

  14. MArk Peterson

    Fast delivery, hope I dont need to use but an excellent idea.

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