1000 VTi Discs

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A carton containing 10 x 100 Packets of VTi discs (1000 discs in total). Perfect for small or large businesses looking to offer their staff and customers added peace of mind.

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Product Description

Wearable thermoreactive heat sensitive fabric disc. Hypoallergenic adhesive, certified non-woven fabric. Disposable, Single use. A continuous body temperature range indicator.

A VTi will continuously monitor temperature health when traditional equipment is not in use. The thermoreactive green symbol becomes transparent at the reaction temperature, revealing the red symbol. The green thermoreactive symbol returns if the temperature falls back below reaction point.

Additional Information

Pending: GB2009607, Copyright Laws apply.

Reaction Temperature
On body temperature of 37.5°C / 98.6°F or above.

Within a similar margin to traditional equipment, +/- 0.6°C or +/- 1.0°F

1 review for 1000 VTi Discs

  1. David Luksenburg

    While organizing the partial return of our staff to the office, we decided to use VTi discs to make our working environment as safe as possible. Our team greatly appreciates this measure which is key in caring about our people and clients. The ease of use of VTi discs is a key advantage compared to others methods.

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