Benefits of VTi High Temperature Indicator

Visual temperature indicator disc are ideal for you first aid box

What are the key benefits of VTi high temperature indicator plasters?

Easy to use and extremely affordable, the VTi high body temperature indicator awards real-time and continuous temperature health monitoring for everyone, anywhere. A temperature can change at any time and so does the VTi plaster, changing colour as the body temperature rises, it allows for immediate intervention. The checking of a person’s temperature is one of the most important indicators in assessing anyone’s underlying health, whether that be in a hospital or care home and, considering the impact of the current healthcare crisis, this is also expected to expand into many additional sectors such as food production, hairdressing, schools and airports to name but a few.

Respects social distancing
No power requirements

Makes all high body temperatures visible regardless of illness

Immediate and continuous temperature health monitoring

Safe and effective

Easy to use and understand

Awards real time intervention and support opportunity
Helps us all look out for one another in our communities

VTi product specifications

Design Description

Wearable thermoreactive heat sensitive fabric disc. Hypoallergenic adhesive, certified non-woven fabric. Disposable, Single use. A continuous body temperature range indicator.


Patent pending: GB2009607, Copyright Laws apply.

Comparison function

A VTi will continuously monitor temperature health when traditional equipment is not in use.

Reaction Temperature

On body temperature of 37.5°C / 98.6°F or above.

Visual Indication profile

The thermoreactive green symbol becomes transparent at the reaction
temperature, revealing the red symbol. The green thermoreactive
symbol returns if the temperature falls back below reaction point.


Within similar margin to traditional equipment.  +/- 0.6°C or +/- 1.0°F


Under the General Product Safety Directive a CE mark is not required.
ISO 14389: 2014
BS EN ISO 17881-1: 2016
BS EN 14362-1: 2017


LE120060766 – Intertek Temperature Change Test Report
LE120060766A – Intertek Chemical Test Report

Use before

24 months – store in cool, dry place


Pouch of 10, Box of 100, Carton of 1,000 (10×100)

VTi product