100 VTi Discs

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A single box containing 100 VTi discs. Ideal for prolonged use at home or the workplace. Share VTi’s with family and colleagues making sure that changing temperatures are quickly and easily detected.

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Product Description

Wearable thermoreactive heat sensitive fabric disc. Hypoallergenic adhesive, certified non-woven fabric. Disposable, Single use. A continuous body temperature range indicator.

A VTi will continuously monitor temperature health when traditional equipment is not in use. The thermoreactive green symbol becomes transparent at the reaction temperature, revealing the red symbol. The green thermoreactive symbol returns if the temperature falls back below reaction point.

Additional Information

Pending: GB2009607, Copyright Laws apply.

Reaction Temperature
On body temperature of 37.5°C / 98.6°F or above.

Within a similar margin to traditional equipment, +/- 0.6°C or +/- 1.0°F

2 reviews for 100 VTi Discs

  1. Zoe Saward

    “I can’t recommend this product enough. My child suffers from fluctuating body temperature and it is a nightmare for me to check him all the time when there are tell-tale signs. This product is simple for me to apply and to monitor, he does not even notice it. I have experienced the VTi react first-hand following a recent high temperature and it is going to be a big help for me to managing caring for him in the future”

  2. Lara Michelle

    This product is absolute genius. I experienced a real time temperature change whilst using this and was able to deal with it so quickly. I work in a nursery setting so something this would be great to use everyday. Very easy and painless to use so would be great for the kids too.

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